Horse racing is one of the oldest sporting activities in America. This is a game which started small but with time it has accumulated fame and so far it is the most watched sporting in America. This sport has attracted a large number of fans who can do anything to catch the action of this game. This is one race that has seen investors venture into it with big cash as bets.

Breeders Cup came into existence in 1984 when it was fast run. It was started by John Gaines who first held it in the North America. From here this race has gone several transformations to reach the level it is in the present day. During its first day there were quite a number of thoroughbreds from different parts of the world. This horse race entails the use of different fields each year. This has seen gaining fame and adding the fans numbers as in each venue it is held new people come to watch it.

The breeders Cup race is held for two days and involves a total of fourteen races. This race is normally held on Friday and Saturday s that it gives the winners a peace of mind for celebrating their victory on Sunday. Over the years, the Breeders Cup race has undergone transformation. When it was first held it was a one day event but at the moment it is a two day event rising on a Friday morning and then set on a Saturday evening. These changes have seen this race become so popular worldwide.

There are different activities taking place on the two days. On Friday major events include; Breeder’s marathon, Breeders Cup Juvenile Fillies Turf, Breeders Cup Ladies’ classic among others. All this races have different values in terms of million dollars. On Saturday, major events are; Breeders Cup Juvenile Turf, Breeders Cup Sprint among others.

For the long time this horse race has been in existence, Jerry bailey has been the top winner having won fifteen times. This game is known to have one of the best known horse trainers. This is why all the horses that get into the field to race are very competent. The top trainer so far in the Breeders Cup race is Wayne Lucas. The horses he has trained have won eighteen times. This makes him one of the world’s renowned horse trainers of all time.

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